We personally travel to Bali to select each unique cabinet.  Most of our cabinets are old and have been restored by fine craftsmen in Bali.  

You can also stop by our store at 172 N. Main St. Waynesville, NC or call (828)246-0944.

Antique Book Case

Old Colonial Buffet from Central Java 

50″ Wide 21″ Deep  63″ Tall  

Unique Antique Cabinet from Java

31″ 21″ 78″


Old Teak Coffee Plantation Cablinet

39″ 17″ 77″


Osa Osa Shop Cabinet

This Antique Cabinet can be used as a cabinet or bookcase.

60″ 20″ 77″


Coffee Plantation Hall Cabinet

50″x 84″x 18″


Old Javanese Hall Cabinet, from Solo,Central Java

49″ x 87″ x 22″

# 7056

Antique Javanese Hall Cabinet

46″x 82″x 17″


Antique Javanese Shop Keepers Cabinet



Tall Coffee Plantation Hall Cabinet



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