Our Story

Jeanie and Tim came to the retail business from different experiences. Tim was the North American Sales Manager for a large multi-national firm offering large electrical equipment to Mining and Minerals Industry. Jeanie was a travel consultant for the travel industry working first with major companies such as Anderson Consulting, and later with local travel agencies.

Different career paths, but a similarity in objectives. You make new customers by making existing customers realize they received a great value.

At Antik , all our pieces are carefully refinished by experienced furniture restorers. Fine dining tables from the 1930’s to beautiful buffets and cabinets restored to their original look and feel. They match every decor from modern to traditional, and they blend seamlessly with your design choice.

Our overriding goal is to provide a shopping experience new from the last time you came into the store. We try to provide something for everyone, for every occasion, and for every pocketbook. Young adults looking for that perfect gift for their Mother; siblings who can buy a $10 gift that is useful and will last forever; your spouse who wants that desk or coffee table that has echoes of the past, but is perfectly functional and has that “Where did you get that cachet?”

Come see us at 172 North Main St. In Waynesville, NC.