Local Shopping With a Global Twist

Through partnerships with collectors and artisans in Indonesia, we bring handcrafted furnishings and accessories of Bali to the Blue Ridge Mountains. Our focus is Dutch Colonial era furniture, mostly made of teak wood and imported from Java.

Custom Handcrafted Pieces

We also import other more exotic woods which Indonesian craftsmen convert into functional pieces for the home.  Woods such as teak, rosewood, tamarind, lychee, iron wood, mahogany and suar are harvested from the various islands where they originated, and the forests are replanted.

Sustainability is the mantra of Indonesia and resource removal is monitored and adjusted on a yearly basis. Indonesia has built the world’s fifth largest economy by stopping clear cutting by large foreign corporations and preventing the export of wood slabs.  Wood that is cut must be refinished by Indonesian workers, and sold by Indonesian merchants creating  jobs and a vibrant economy.